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On April 25th, a letter was e-mailed out regarding the required annual proof of homeowner’s insurance that is needed from all owners and a reminder for other registrations that might be applicable to certain owners.

The Association requires certain unit registrations be completed and submitted by owners annually to ensure that the unit records are up to date and that all required information is obtained. One of these required annual registrations, that pertains to all homeowners, is the Unit’s proof of homeowner’s insurance to show that each owner has their own coverage.  It is up to each owner and their insurance agent to ensure that their coverage meets the requirements set forth in the Association’s Declaration.meets the requirements set forth in the Association’s Declaration. This is further detailed on page 7 of the Desert Shores’ Rules and Regulations as well as in Articles’ 7.2 and 7.6 of the CC&R’s (Declaration).

As a part of this annual submission, you will need to complete the Owner(s) Insurance Information Form and submit this to the Association along with a copy of your Certificate of Insurance. Your certificate of insurance can be obtained from your personal insurance agent. This information will need to be provided to the Association no later than 5:00 pm MST, Monday, May 25, 2020. This can be returned in one of the following ways:

By Mail: 360 Community Management,4130 E. Van Buren St., Suite 360, Phoenix, AZ 85008

By Email:

By Online Submission: Look for links directly below this message (scroll down). Each form will contain its own in-bedded link to the form.


Submit your Registration Form and Certificate of Insurance online:

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Other Registration Forms that may be Applicable to Some Homeowners:


Board of Director’s Meeting:

Next Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting:
  • Future Meeting Dates:
    • Typically the last Thursday of each month
    • There will not be a meeting in July or December


There will be an executive session that follows the open session that shall be a closed meeting pursuant to ARS §33-1248/33-1804(A)(1).

Arizona State Statutes:


Location of Meeting: *Until further notice, meetings will be held via teleconference/virtual meeting, due to the social distancing recommendations made by the CDC to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


An executive (closed) session will follow the open session.

The executive session shall be a closed meeting pursuant to ARS §33-1248/33-1804(A).

Payment Information:

Mailing Payments:

Desert Shores HOA, P.O. Box 61208, Phoenix, AZ  85082

*Be sure to write your new HOA account # in the reference portion of your check.  Separate checks must be mailed for Regular Assessment (aka HOA Dues) and Special Assessment payments.  Please appropriate billing coupon for each.

Autopay from your Checking Account (aka “ACH”):  This is offered complimentary through 360 Community Management.  Complete the ACH form included in your welcome packet (or click here for form: Fillable – Automatic Payment Authorization Form)

*Please note:  If you set-up the Auto-pay option online, this is done through a third party who will charge a service fee.  If you set this up through the management company’s office using the above ACH form, there is not a charge.

Credit Cards:  These are accepted online and is handled by a third party vendor.  This vendor will charge a fee for this service with the amount of fee disclosed prior to you submitting your payment.

Mailing General Correspondence

(including letters to the HOA, mailed-in work orders and Application for Design Review requests):

Desert Shores HOA

c/o 360 Community Management,

4130 E. Van Buren St., Suite 360,  Phoenix, AZ  85008

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